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Anders Miolin

Masterclasses 2022

Switzerland, Arosa, 19. June - 25. June 2022

Croatia, Pučišča, 11. August - 19. August 2022

Since 1998, Anders Miolin is Professor for the Guitar at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Zurich, Switzerland.
This appointment is the culmination of more than 20 years of professional experience in music education, which Prof. Miolin has always been passionate about.
Anders Miolin has developed a comprehensive guitar teaching concept intended to benefit a guitar player of every level, beginner to professional. The concept is based on years-long experience of professional musicianship combined with knowledge from neuroscience, psychology  and ergonomics.
This concept aims to empower every guitar player to maximize their potential in the best possible way by making use of the knowledge from the combined fields of psychological and physiological science and music, in a way that enables them to realize their true potential and make the most efficient use of their practice time and mental and physical energy. Much experience- and theory-based attention is given to the subject of making the best use of one's resources and developing a healthy posture, thus preventing muscle strain and injury.
  • LEARNING THE BASICS: How to access and apply knowledge placing the music you are playing into a historical and cultural context
  • POSTURE: How to optimize your playing position by using ergonomics
  • BREATHING WITH THE MUSIC: Easy daily breathing exercises 
  • AVOIDING MUSCLE STRAIN: Easy daily stretching exercises
  • TUNING: How to tune correctly and efficiently (incl. intonation)
  • RIGHT HAND: How to achieve maximum security and efficiency in the right hand
  • LEFT HAND: How to achieve maximum security and efficiency in the left hand
  • SOUND PRODUCTION: How to optimize volume, dynamics and colours
  • INTERPRETATION: How to a achieve a conscious and convincing interpretation based on the score
  • CONDUCTING: How to use conducting to shape the music and getting the pulse into the body
  • HOW TO PRACTISE: How to use concepts of neuroscience and the gaming system to practise efficiently
  • SELF REFLECTION: How to monitor and constantly improve your performance
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