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16 April, 2019, 20:30
Lukaskirche, Wittener Str. 100, Gevelsberg
58285 Gevelsberg, Germany
Anders Miolin joins the Gevelsberg Guitar Festival as a member of the competition jury and performer in the master concerts' series. 
Festival program:
2 February, 2019, 18:30
Aruna Sunderlal Auditorium, The Bangalore School of Music
Bengaluru, India
Anders Miolin joins the 17th East West Music and Dance Encounter Festival with a programme of Weiss, Satie, Bach, Chopin, and his own compositions.
Tickets and map:
2 January, 2019 Ref. Kirche Wetzikon, Schweiz
5 January, 2019 Ref. Kirche Pfäffikon ZH, Schweiz
6 January, Kongresshaus Liebestrasse, Winterthur, Schweiz
The orchestra Collegium Cantorum plays under the leadership of Thomas Ineichen the works by Haydn, Vivaldi, Mozart and Britten. The program begins with the uplifting Haydn's Symphony Nr. 19, continued with Anders Miolin as the soloist with his own arrangements of Vivaldi's Cello concerto RV 413 in G major and the famous Mozart violin concerto Nr. 2 in D major. For the first time, these wonderful compositions can be heard on the guitar, thanks to the 12-string guitar invented and built by Anders Miolin and Ermanno Chavi (Zurich). Spanning 5 octaves, this instrument enables a sound range almost as large as a piano and presents the opportunity for experiencing popular and well-loved works originally written for other instruments from a different and unique sound perspective.
The concert concludes with a rendering of Britten's sparkling Simple Symphony for Strings, - a real treat for New Year Celebrations! 
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