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12-String ClassicalGuitar


"In Anders Miolin we are confronted with a true artist, who makes us forget that he is also a virtuoso because he has mastered that unusual quality and virtue called poetry."

Leo Brouwer, composer, conductor

The art of Anders Miolin is an imaginative abundance of iridiscent colours and forms. Anders' compositions are inspired by the structures of nature.
His interpretation of the classical repertoire is fresh and innovative, relating the music of the past times to the present day's perspective. The human emotions expressed in the music are timeless, which is conveyed by his music.

The highly distinguished artistry of Anders Miolin is characterized by a unique instrument, unique programs and a unique sound. Regarded as one of today’s most creative and versatile guitarists his concerts, recordings and masterclasses receive highest acclaim internationally.

Carrying forward and developing tradition, Anders Miolin is a cosmopolitan in styles – his programs span from baroque to contemporary. As composer, Miolin creates unique, exciting and timeless soundscapes beyond conventional styles and clichés, on the unique “Chiavi-Miolin” classical 12-string guitar ΔΩΔΕΚΑ.

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